Contrastive Statements Climax of 'Ko'

With many buzzes popping upon the climax of ‘Ko’, K.V. Anand in his letter to journalists has requested them not to reveal the climax in reviews.

News 21-Apr-2011 5:22 PM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

Right from the Day 1, it has been big and bigger expectations pumping around everywhere on the film ‘Ko’. The reason is nothing but the grand success of ‘Ayan’ that has been keeping everyone focused on K.V. Anand’s ‘Ko’. In spite of many media networks clandestinely trying to pull out the film’s plot, the team has managed to maintain the suspense.

Earlier it was said that the film is based on Hollywood films ‘Shattered Glass’ and ‘State of Play’. But before days, it was reported that the film is loosely based on a Japanese film that revolves around a bank heist and an undercover play involved over the drama.

Baseless rumors are that ‘Ko’ is about a photo journalist (Jeeva), who with his smarter moves manages to capture a story on bank robbery. It gets him into bitter terms with the politician (Prakash Raj). But then, there is someone else involved, who has actually staged the drama of bank heist. Is it the protagonist himself or his most trustworthy one?

Well, such stories are really interesting, but are confirmed as a fake one by K.V. Anand and he has personally requested the journalists not to reveal the film’s climax while writing the reviews.

On the other hand, Udhayanidhi Stalin who usually screens the film for journalists on or before the day of release has decided to host the press shows only on the weekend so that the reviews aren’t published to a larger scale.

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