Silver Screen Upheavals Turn Into Celebrations

Silver screen upheavals turn into celebrations

Features 5-Feb-2014 11:46 AM IST Top 10 Cinema Comments

If you’ve someone from your previous generation, especially a film buff, they would tell you a big story about how theatres would turn into an ambience of violent disturbance on the release of two big tickets. It existed from the times of MGR and Sivaji Ganesan. Nevertheless, it was one film ‘Koondu Kili’ that brought amelioration to this bunch of film buffs. But that didn’t put an end to this rival. Many have witnessed MGR fans consistently watching the first day first show of Sivaji Ganesan movie and claiming it to be a failure to spread the viral word of mouth. As the situations passed by, Superstar Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan made a little change to the situations. Since, these actors had shared the screen space together in many movies; the fans were so much adhered to their bonding. Of course, there were still some groups that earnestly claimed their star to be the biggest. Who can forget the big bash of Thalapathy and Guna releasing together on the same day?

Of the late, the fever spread across the fans of Sarath Kumar and Vijayakanth. Remember the scenario where the groups clashed with knives at Shanthi Theatre? Obviously, such violent tantrums still remain to be a shocking fact in the history of Tamil cinema.

Gradually, it was the next generation of actors like Ajith Kumar-Vijay, Silambarasan-Dhanush picking up the grounds. The young generation of fans indeed made a change to happen. There was a high upheaval between Vijay and Ajith fans as the war went to such an extent that the stars themselves were hurt. Nevertheless, the change has happened so much that this gen of audience have clearly understood that films are nothing but entertainment and let’s share the joy together. The release of Jilla and Veeram was quite ample evidence to it…

Now days, even Silambarasan and Dhanush have started to enjoy the privilege of having fans from both ends. The stars share their dialogues in style, which indeed has captured the interest of their fans. They convey their wishes on birthdays and on success through their micro-blogging pages.

Wow! That’s a new way to enjoy films during this 100 years of Indian Cinema, isn’t?

Let us hope that these stars have their movies released on the same day and there is more profit for the theatre owners, distributors and producers. Moreover, the fans would be invigorated to see these flicks hitting screens on the same day. Why not? Things may now turn more affordable that Ajith-Vijay and Dhanush-Simbhu might share the screen space together in future to come.

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