Saivam music review

Saivam music review

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Filmmaker Director Vijay holds a prominent position in the industry for making films based on different and unparalleled genres. He has been an experimental icon of such attempts that he delivers a movie based on different themes. This one ‘Saivam’ isn’t an exception as it turns to be completed different from what he had earlier attempted for. The film has an ensemble star-cast of Nasser, his son Baasha making his onscreen debut, ‘Deiva Thirumagal’ fame Sarah and many in lead roles. GV Prakash, the close buddy known for his fervent musical score for his pal Vijay has come up scintillating music and Na. Muthukumar with poignant lyrics for this album and we bring you an exclusive look on it...

Vocals: Uthra Unnikrishnan

This song had made a right punch of excitement for its viral publicity generated with the online medium. Versatile singer Unnikrishnan’s daughter Uthra crooning the track indeed become the spotlighting feature. Her soulful voice with mellisonant score of GV Prakash embellishes the lyrical poignance of Na. Muthukumar. The classical touch with beautiful interludes and preludes make the song more enlivened.

Kokkara Kozhi
Vocals: Asvit, Chinna Ponnu and Gaana Bala

The song sounds lighter in many places and it could have been yet better than what GV Prakash has rendered here. The bunch of singers especially Chinna Ponnu and Gaana Bala exert their earnest efforts to pull the right strings of success to this song. Asvit is no exception as he keeps out the best on his part.

Moments of Life (Instrumental)

GV Prakash always ensures of giving the best when it come to the instrumental panorama and his significance is so much prevalent in this ‘Moments of Life’. The proper utilisation of violin, flute and some strings leaves us bedazed to hear it over and again. This will surely become one of the most wanted caller tunes of many music lovers just as it happened with GV’s Mayakkam Enna and Deiva Thirumagal signature music.

Ore Oru Ooril
Vocals: Haricharan

Much alike the previous numbers, GV Prakash lays more emphasis to the lyrical and intonating quotients rather than offer a jarring music that many music directors are bound to. The musical orchestration is done with a special panache, but it doesn’t affect the clarity of vocalism by Haricharan, who makes the song livelier.

Azhagu (Instrumental)

This again stirs your soul and offers a celestial feeling. Thanks to GV Prakash for realising the need to offer the right punch of impact by the cherry-pick of his instruments. The fortepianos and mild chords savours to the taste of all music lovers.

The songs of ‘Saivam’ come as a package of mellifluous and folk treat. After a long time, we have a pleasant touch of chords from GV Prakash and he does all the best that can favour his favourite pal Vijay. Of course, this duo is sure to get over the top again with this album.

Verdict: A delighting sangfroid treat for music buffs.

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