Amara Kaaviyam Music Review

Amara Kaaviyam Music Review

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A musical saga with crystal clarity in voice and instruments: Amara Kaaviyam by Ghibran is a special delight to the music lovers. The songs offer a clear view to the listeners on the profound dedication of the young musician and the heart-n-soul he has put forth on them. We have a sneak peek into the tracks and a brief analysis of Amara Kaaviyam. The film is produced by Arya under the banner of The Show People with his younger brother Sathya making his debut onscreen and Mia George plays the female lead. The film is directed by Naan fame Jeeva Shankar.

Singers: Yazin Nizar, Thomas Andrews and Ghibran
Lyrics: Madhan Karky

The song peps up the spirits and is about a young man’s high-spirited enthusiasm of new love he has found. The singers push the song deliberately to a high momentum with their power-packed vigour. The lines by Madhan Karky are splendid ones and the musical session in interludes is fantastic.

Edhedho Ennam Vandhu
Singers: Haricharan & Padmalatha
Lyrics: Parvathy

The song carries the uttermost essence of active, spirited or alive and vigorous. Thanks to Haricharan and Padmalatha for preparing the recipe of Ghibran pulling in the soul of music. If you’d listen to the song in Karaoke version, you can realise the earnest efforts of Ghibran in adding more life to the song even with small and minute details.

Mounam Pesum
Singers: Chitra
Lyrics: P. Vetriselvan

Evergreen queen of voice – Chitra keeps us in awe with her magnetising voice. Everything collides with perfection in this song. Be the mesmerising number of Chitra, the chorus, the instrumentals, etc, they are so much enriching. The song takes us somewhere deep into the unexplored world of emotions, which is the greatest highlight of this track.

Deva Devadhai
Singers: Ranjith & Madhu Iyer
Lyrics: P. Vetriselvan

The song is racy in terms of rhythmic composition and has a powerful spell from Ranjith and Madhu Iyer. The bass work is more enhancive and it would have more elegance when viewed on the screens.

Dhaagam Theera
Singers: Padmalatha & Yazin Nizar
Lyrics: Asmin

So serene and sublime that every line encompasses the peaceful ambience among us… The simple but captivating lyrics, the colossal voices of Padmalatha and Yazin Nizar enliven the inwardness of this song. The strings have its magical realms during the interludes, which becomes an additional highlight.

Edhedho Ennam Vandhu
Singers: Sundar Narayana Rao
Lyrics: Parvathy

If you’ve already listened to this song from Padmalatha and Haricharan, this one by Sundar Narayana Rao gives a different feel altogether. His voice synchronisation is done with excellence and his skilled touch of high-pitched notes are surpassing.

Rest of the album comprises of Karaoke tracks and it gives wide option for the listeners to try their experiment of crooning the song as well.

Overall, Amara Kaaviyam has the bunch of promising numbers that is emotionally observant. It is sure to elevate the visual aspect of this film.

Verdict: One of the best compositions in recent times.

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