Kaviya Thalaivan Music Review

Kaviya Thalaivan Music Review

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Remember AR Rahman of early 90s. His songs were so much composed of pure Tamil and the lyrics are still remembered today with elegance. But as the western fever came into our zone, his dimension of craft changed and now his fans have a reason to celebrate and turn delightful with Kaaviya Thalaivan. Here’s the exclusive music review of Kaaviya Thalaivan that stars Siddarth, Prithviraj and Vedhika in lead roles.

Singers: Shwetha Mohan, Srinivas
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

The song is so mellifluous as it flows through our senses and such is the great vocalism of Shwetha Mohan. The composition that shifts from major to minor scales is one of the spotlighting elements of this song. Bringing in the touch of classical aspect with oboe and simple beats that were seen in ancient Tamil movies, the song reminiscences of Kannadasan, Susheela and MS Viswanathan coming together...

Aye Mr. Minor!
Singers: Haricharan, Shashaa Tirupati
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

Much alike the previous track, the one too gets along completely in the classic zone and the beautiful intonating style of Haricharan and Shashaa Tirupati is the splendid touch to this song. The synchronisation between the voices and instrumentals are worthy of appreciations.

Vaanga Makka Vaanga
Singers: Haricharan, Dr. Narayanan
Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

This was the first one to have a single track release and yes, it has now become the favourite of town. It’s an invitation to the people down in town to get ready for the musical celebration on stage. Haricharan yet again comes into track and his presence exhilarates the mood of celebration to this song.

Sandi Kuthirai
Singer: Haricharan
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

Haricharan gives himself into the toughest challenge of rendering a song in a breathless mode. The song is glorification of letting us think about the realms of ancient tunes scored by legends. AR Rahman has used a lot of instruments and his smart technique of mixing them with the vocals is the top of all attractions.

Singer: Mukesh
Lyrics: Pa. Vijay

Each and every line in this song strikes your heart. It is so much compelling filled with words of emotional depth. The song is about the cry of mythological character of Arjuna pleading Krishna to stop the war. Although, this song might sound as a play, it holds lots of significances to the present bleak scenario of war across the world. The lines that read Krishna you make win the world and make a looser inside me. After killing everyone, with whom shall I live? Such lines really takes through an emotional ride.

Singer: Vani Jayaram
Lyrics: Arunagirinathar

It was quite a disappointment to see the absence of Vani Jayaram and now she is back with AR Rahman’s album rendering the ‘Thirupugazh’. One more thing! You don’t get to hear the lyrics in spite of its clarity, because of her sweet voice that sounds like a lullaby.

Singers: Haricharan, Bela Shende
Lyrics: Valee

It really needs a lot of patience to compose such songs, which comes in a ‘Ballad’ genre. Mark our words! If any Hollywood technicians were about to work on this track, it would have taken more than couple of months to complete this. The song is a story about Arjuna falling in love with Alli and what happens next with lust, marriage and war. The last few lines in this song are going to turn every Tamilian proud of such powerful lyrics.

Overall, Kaaviya Thalaivan has a power-packed spell of AR Rahman that offers complete substantiality to the Tamil lyrics with accordance to the time period of backdrop the story is set against. Thanks to the entire team for bringing back Tamil into our zone with lyrics and music for Tamil cinema has been dominated by western fever over the past few years.

Verdict: Purity and classic touch of Rahman personified

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