Poojai Music Review

Poojai Music Review

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‘Poojai’ possibly can be regarded in different contexts. One is that it enables us to think about silence and spirituality. But when you’ve a tag of ‘A film by Hari’ attached to it, then things are completely on the other side of mind-boggling action sequences, sentiments, chases, sickles and guns, unlimited glamour in songs and comedy with its toast. The film is produced by Vishal under the banner of Vishal Film Factory with him playing the lead and Shruthi Haasan as his ladylove. Yuvan Shankar Raja has composed and this is the second time, the combination of Hari-Yuvan-Vishal is happening after Thamirabarani.

Odi Odi

Singers: Palakkad Sriram

Lyrics: Na. Muthkumar

Palakkad Sriram had earlier crooned a number for Vishal in ‘Thamirabarani’ that came with the same combo Hari and Yuvan Shankar Raja as well. It was a medium paced number that made its way into our senses… But this one seems to be literally mediocre and is little interesting. Na. Muthukumar tries to make a difference, but nothing manages to arrest our senses.


Voices: Rahul Nambiar, Mili Nair

Lyrics: Na. Muthkumar

Too hackneyed and such genre of songs is something we have heard zillion times in Tamil cinema, especially in the films of Hari. The beats are too normal and there is some lengthy bit music we hear during the ending portion of song, which might gain some intensity in theatres. Rahul Nambiar is okay, but the intonation by Mili Nair is too noisy.


Voices: Karthik, Pooja

Lyrics: Na. Muthkumar

In spite of having some finest singers like Karthik and Pooja, there is a dearth of good impact. The lyrical lines by Na. Muthukumar are so simple and Karthik tries to do justice to his portions. Maybe, the song would get some consolation points if the visuals are promising.


Voices: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Na. Muthkumar

Compared to other tracks in the album, this one is quite appreciable and Yuvan has picked up a formula of rendering a solo melody in all his albums. This was so much illustrious in ‘Anjaan’ (Kadhal Aasai) and now with ‘Uyire’, the pathos of a longing man has been expressed with elegance by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

Soda Bottle

Voices: Yazin, Anthony Dasan, Sathyan

A normal prototyped number that tries to woo the front benchers, but the result can be judged only such cohort in theatres. But when heard as a track, it doesn’t appeal so much to our senses in spite of Yuvan Shankar Raja making a good choice of singers like Anthony Dasan and Sathyan.


Voice: Nivas

Lyrics: Na. Muthkumar

Finally, the toast of satisfaction is obtained with a laudable performance by Nivas in ‘Devathai’. The track has some interesting elements that includes the instrumentals and the mildness over it. The voice programming with perfect clarity and the lyrical lines by Na. Muthukumar are additional attractions.

To make a mark of final verdict, ‘Poojai’ is just average when analysed on whole. Except the couple of melodious numbers that includes Yuvan Shankar Raja’s ‘Uyire’ and Nivas’ ‘Devathai’. While rest of the songs are completely commercial, they remain too mediocre and lacks interesting factors.

Verdict:Yuvan’s touch goes missing.

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