Uttama Villain Music Review

Uttama Villain Music Review

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Kamal Haasan is far-famed for stretching the boundaries and trying to attempt something on the international standards. Well, the audio album of Uttama Villain is more illustrating about his exemplification. The audio of Uttama Villain consists of 17 tracks that include the background score and three karaoke versions.

Love’aa Love’aa
Vocals: Kamal Haasan, Sharanya Gopinath, Anitha, Nivas
Lyrics: Viveka

To be precise, the song doesn’t evoke our interest anywhere and it has completely an unconventional tune that takes a while to grasp into our senses. Maybe, it could be watched for some astonishing dance moments by Kamal Haasan during one of the interludes.

Kaadhalam Kadavul Mun
Vocals: Padmalatha
Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

Ghibran’s usual touch is so much present here and the song has some soulful moments with the singer Padmalatha sweeping us over the feet with a mellisonant vocalism. The mild instrumentals in the backdrops is a divinity to experience.

Uttaman Introduction (Villuppattu)
Vocals: Subbu Arumugam, Kamal Haasan
Lyrics: Subbu Arumugam

Kamal Haasan’s most favourite genre, ‘Villuppattu’ for he had already experimented with such brilliant one in Anbe Sivam. This one is slightly away from this paradigm and it gets more vitalized with the rendition of Subbu Arumugam and Kamal Haasan. The visuals should add more intensity to the track for Kamal’s performance would take this song to the next level.

Vocals: Kamal Haasan
Additional vocals: Yazin Nizar, Ranjith Iyappan and Ghibran
Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

Usually when Kamal Haasan is there on the rendition, the musical instruments wouldn’t find such great prominence, but strikingly colossal in its own term, Ghibran makes sure that he scores the best in his musical panorama of interludes and preludes. The additional voices you find during the song as listed in the credits emblazon the track with more spirits.

Iraniyan Naadagam
Vocals: Kamal Haasan, Rukmini Ashok Kumar
Performed by Sofia Symphony Orchestra
Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

It looks like the new combination of Kamal Haasan and Ghibran is sure to take Tamil cinema to the next level for every track in this album finds new definitions of music with so many newness adhered to it. The performance of Sofia Symphony of Orchestra is fabulous and when heard on the musical surround system, it gets a top-notch touch.

Mutharasan Kadhai
Performed by Sofia Symphony
Narrated by Kamal Haasan
Vocals: Yazin Nizar, Ranjith, Iyappan , Padmalatha
Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

Although the lyrical lines might find its proper significance after repeated hearing of this track, the first factor to strike our minds is again the best work of Ghibran on his musical part. It is turning to be a stereotypical verdict for all the songs, but it is the instruments that gain more significance than the singing part.

Uttaman Kadhai
Performed by Sofia Symphony Orchestra
Narrated by Kamal Haasan
Vocals: MS Bhaskar, Yazin Nizar, Ranjith, Iyappan
Lyrics: Kamal Haasan

This is a ballad style song that comes with creative spell in vocalism and music. It should and will have a specified attention while watching it as a part of screenplay. Almost all the songs in the album will gain an impeccable impact when viewed along with the film.

Uttama Villain Theme music

This track alone strikes our attention for the first time we hear. This is merely because, we have been familiar with this right from the moment, the first look was launched. The complete version has some good sound and when heard on surround system will have its own treat to the music lovers.

Instrumental versions
Guru & Shishya
Father & Daughter
Uttaman & Karpagavalli
Father & son
Letter from and to Yamini
Dr. Aparna

This bunch of tracks is more like signature themes that will have more meaning imported with the situations of this film. Undoubtedly, this league of musical tracks will add more intensity to almost all the apt sequences. On hearing all these songs based on the instrumental lines, they seem similar, except the Letter from and to Yamini that has harps prominently mesmerising with the strings.

The album comes as a package of additional elements of Karaoke versions - Kadhalam Kadavul Mun, Saagavaram and Iraniyan Naadagam.

Overall, Uthama Villain might not commercially gratify all, but carries tracks that becomes an intriguing part of story and the songs might hit the top of charts only post-release of film. For now, it’s a different attempt and Ghibran tries something beyond his usual limits.

Verdict: A different attempt, but visuals would add more intensity

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