Komban Music Review

Komban Music Review

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GV Prakash has turned completely rural with some best tunes in ‘Komban’ and this isn’t an unexaggerated statement, but you’ll experience it for the next 23 minutes if you’re listening to it. The four songs belong to different feel and what makes it more appealing is the prominence offered to the singers. Komban is directed by Muthaiah of Kuttipuli fame and is produced by Studio Green with Karthi, Lakshmi Menon, Raj Kiran and Kovai Sarala in lead roles. GV Prakash has composed music and Velraj has handled cinematography.

1. Kambikara Vetti
V.M. Mahalingam and Ananthu

It sounds like a title track and GV Prakash turns completely rural using live instruments, especially the percussions for this one. It has a proper balancing of vocalisms and instrumental quotients. Usually, such songs would have an overdose of percussions and other instruments like trumpets, but GV Prakash in a matured mode offers substantiality for both. V.M. Mahalingam sounds attractive and so is Ananthu who joins in the middle of song.

2. Appappa
GV Prakash and Shreya Ghoshal

The song takes off with mild and mellisonant humming by Shreya Ghoshal with some vibes and flute taking over the prelude that offers a honeyed impact. It’s a song of native Tamil and Shreya shifts her paradigms to the best. The instrumentals have its more realms here. GV Prakash makes the sound in the slang of ‘Aathe Aathe’, but the treatment is completely different.

3. Karuppu Nerathazhagi
Velmurugan and Maalavika Sundar

It’s a joyful romantic solo about a village beau who has just fallen in love and cannot stop singing about her. The lyrical lines imbibing to beauty and decent words is worthy of appreciations. Vel Murugan gets a different dimension who makes the song complete and Maalavika in the mid with her humming sounds perfect.

4. Mella Velanjadhu
Madhu Balakrishnan

Madhu Balakrishnan had never sounded at such a high pitch, that too in the very beginning of the song. It’s a touching song that speaks about family and relationships. GV Prakash leaves us so much spellbound with the instrumentals again, especially the flute binds your hearts unconditionally.

5. A Celebration (Komban Theme)

The album comes to an end with the ‘Dance Mode’ and you cannot stop your senses getting invigorated with this theme music. Well, it reminiscences of the same old folk song that we have been hearing from a very long time, but the orchestration has been done with marveling spell.

On the whole, Komban comes as a package of freshness and decorous lyrics. With the current albums completely engaging us in high volatile urban beats, GV Prakash tries to come up with some pleasant nativity tunes.

Verdict: GV’s musical is a trip to land of serene village

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