36 Vayadhinilae First look teaser review

36 Vayadhinilae First look teaser review

Features 19-Mar-2015 1:19 PM IST RM Comments

While many actresses blindly had their investments on skin shows and glamour appeal, Jyothika made a fabulous display of unique nature. She always emphasized more significance upon the performance and always made sure that her characterisations gain additional mileage with her prodigious performance. And when you see her in the first look teaser of her comeback film ’36 Vayadhinilae’, there seems to be strong sense that there wasn’t anything such as a long break for seven years. Don’t know why such things arise, but abruptly her promising performance in every film and how she nurtured her characters has created such impact.

The film’s teaser gives an impression that it’s about a woman running with all her might for empowering her charisma and be an inspiring personality to many.

Let’s await for the full length theatrical trailer and Santosh Narayanan’s background score adds the best intensity that enlivens this teaser that has just montages.

Verdict: Jyothika’s screen presence and Santhosh Narayanan’s magnetising effect.

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