Kanchana 2 Music Review

Kanchana 2 Music Review

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Every time, when we hear the words ‘Muni’ and ‘Kanchana’ uttered, there is surely a sense of huge excitements that tests our senses with some spine-chilling moments and fun indeed. Raghava Lawrence following the grand success of ‘Muni’ and ‘Kanchana’ completes the horror trilogy with ‘Kanchana 2’. The film stars Raghava himself in lead role along with Taapsee, Kovai Sarala, Sriman and Nithya Menon performs an important role. Four music directors have been utilised in this album that includes debutant Leon James, SS Thaman, C Sathya and Ashwamithra.

Sandi Muni
Singer: Haricharan
Music: Leon James
Lyrics: Viveka

Remember the song ‘Kodiyavanin Kadhaiya Mudikka’ from the film ‘Kanchana’??? This one slightly travels on the same style and additionally, newcomer Leon James creates the best impact with his musical composing here. The coordination between the beats accordingly with the singing portions are perfectly done.

Vaaya Veera
Singer: Shakthisree Gopalan
Music: Leon James
Lyrics: Ko Sesha

Usually horror movies don’t have so much of importance for the melodious romantic numbers, but this one seems to be a great exception with Leon James making it more embellishing with Shakthisree Gopalan. The lyrical lines by Ko Sesha offer the romantic appeal from a girl’s view and it adds more poetic sense.

Sillatta Pillatta
Singer: Jagadeesh Kumar
Music: C Sathya
Lyrics: Logan

It sounds like a song that would have its blast of celebrative mode during the final credits after all the horripilating drama is over. The ‘Gaana-Rap-Rock’ has the best treat for the mass music lovers and rendition by Jagadeesh Kumar adds up more energy and vitality.

Motta Paiya
Singer: Chitra, Sooraj Santhosh
Music: Thaman
Lyrics: Viveka

Chitra has always been the closest synonym to melodic magnificence and this song isn’t an exception for the melody has been splendidly carried out. Thaman has tried to come out of his usual style of composing and tries something different. Lyrical lines by Viveka are moderately good.

Moda Moda
Singer: Master Sriram Roshan
Music: Ashwamithra
Lyrics: Viveka

This is a bit song that seemingly has a strong situation to appear and might be during the climax portion. The song has the impactful generation of horror and vengeance bounded theme. We have heard the little children voices as the backdrops of many horror movies to offer an eerie feeling and here Master Sriram Roshan.

As on whole, ‘Kanchana 2’ has fresh elements, because of four music directors into it. Each track has unique genres and they are very well packaged with good music, voice and instrumentals.

Verdict : Horripilating, Hilarious and Melodious personified.

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