36 Vayadhinile Music Review

36 Vayadhinile Music Review

Music Reviews 7-Apr-2015 11:27 AM IST RM Comments

Production: Suriya
Direction: Roshan Andrews
Starring: Jyotika, Rahman, Abirami, Delhi Ganesh
Music: Santosh Narayanan

Female oriented films are a rarity in the Tamil film industry and those few films were declining by the time of late 90s. After a very long time, Roshan Andrews brings forth the emergence of this genre with ’36 Vayadhinile’, a remake of his very own magnum opus Malayalam movie ‘How old are you’. The film is produced by Suriya’s home banner of 2D Entertainment and has musical score by Santosh Narayanan.

Vocals: Santosh Narayanan
Lyrics: Vivek

Santosh Narayanan is always best on his rendition of songs and he would even make the simplest and ordinary words sound extraordinary with his crooning style. This is what happens with the song ‘Happy’ and the musical accompaniment is quite an appreciable factor here. The lyrical lines by Vivek are yet other brilliant flash points you can experience here.

Vocals: Kalpana Raghavendar
Lyrics: Vivek

A tailor-made song for the aspiring woman winners in their own respective dreams and what makes it more beauteous is the way; song is presented by Kalpana Raghavendar. Each and every line in this song gets instantly grasped by our senses.

Vocal: Lalitha Vijaykumar
Lyrics: Vivek

This one obviously is the fascinating number in this album. So cute and elegantly done are the composition and lyrics. Not to miss the icing of cake – vocalizing panache of Lalitha Vijay Kumar. She touches a new dimensional style of crooning it, which adds Midas-touch to the lines of Vivek.

While there are just three songs in this album, rest of them are the background Original sound track that would be have its place in the film.

Vidiyal Thedi
Kanavugal Sumandhu
Kaneer Mozhi

On the whole, 36 Vayadhinile keeps itself short and simple, but in an elegant way. The three songs are beautifully composed and presented with Santosh Narayanan slightly leaving an impact of his previous composing in few places.

Verdict: Exotically different and quite catchy…

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