Papanasam Movie Review

Spectacular thriller interwoven with emotions.

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Direction : Jeethu Joseph
Production : Wide Angle Creations, Raj Kumar Theatres
Starring : Kamal Haasan, Gautami, Nivetha Thomas
Music : M. Ghibran
Cinematography : Sujith Vaassudev
Editing : Ayoob Khan
Release Date : 3 July 2015

The shot where everything winds up and the cops are dismantled with their guesses and Kamal Haasan gives a look (A look that has a mix of innocence, pride, victory et al). That’s enough, more than enough to redefine the heroism in a different dimension. Papanasam, the remake of blockbuster Malayalam movie ‘Drishyam’ from the same filmmaker Jeethu Joseph brings an intense family drama that suddenly turns into a thriller moving us to edge of seats.


Kamal Haasan has been leading a very low profile life and family – wife (Gouthami), daughters (Nivetha Thomas and Esther) mean everything to him. There is no world beyond them and he has never envisaged as well. But things get shattered when a thug, son of IG (Asha Sharath) captures the private video of Nivetha Thomas and in turn blackmails her for a bitter exchange. Unexpectedly, he is killed by Nivetha. Now it’s up to Kamal Haasan to cover everything and however speedy the entire police department might be over its investigation, Kamal Haasan is a step ahead of them.


After a long time, Kamal Haasan gets into a script crafted by a filmmaker and it is obvious that it doesn’t involve his interference. Jeethu Joseph has not made any changes to the original script but has taken the help of dialogue writer that adds some sort of humour. The characterisations and moreover the casting of actors brings forth a great impact. Screenplay is the major strength of this film and it holds the complete power of actors and technicians. Even the minutest characters are very well depicted. Musical score by Ghibran expresses an intense emotional stroke with his background score. Since both the songs are montage visuals, it gets well with the songs. Cinematography and the locations (most of them are shot in the same locales as in original Drishyam) are remarkable.


He hasn’t exaggerated anywhere, but has completely given a new life to this character of what we have already seen in Malayalam and Telugu versions. Especially in second half, he just leaves us speechless and his climax act is beyond excellence, even for the ones who have already seen the original version. Gouthami looks slightly aged for the role and maybe, some other actress could have been a better choice, but somehow as the story shifts to the second half, this doesn’t seem like a barrier as almost all the actors get so much acquainted with their characterisations. Asha Sharath is the other pillar in this film and the one playing her husband is extraordinary. Don’t miss the last scene in the film, where he renders a dialogue to Kamal Haasan without any break in shots. This really needs a proficiency to make it happen. Kalabhavan Mani is extraordinary with his villainous role and he has carried it very well, indeed earning our wrath and sympathy for Kamal and family. Delhi Ganesh and MS Bhaskar have minimal roles, but they play their parts very well.

What works?

1. The narrative brilliance of Jeethu Joseph
2. Kamal Haasan and others in the cast
3. The colossal work of doing justice to the original script

What doesn’t work?

Nothing specific

Finally... Kamal Haasan has always performed the father’s role onscreen with so much of excellence. Nearly decades after his magnum opus ‘Mahanadhi’, he outshines his very own iconic performance in this film and ‘Papanasam’ is a real stunner of this season, which you shouldn’t miss to watch with your family.

Verdict : Spectacular thriller interwoven with emotions.

Rating : 7/10

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