Top 5 Highly viewed Video Songs in Tamil

Top 5 Highly viewed Video Songs in Tamil

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YouTube, the video sharing website plays a vital role during the making of a movie, its production and release. YouTube acts as the platform for releasing movie teasers, trailers and songs. This user friendly site has many viewers accessing it too. With the number of viewers watching the videos, the people get an idea of how big the movie is and assume the sort of audience the movie has targeted.

Over the years, as generation changes so has peoples interests changed. The movies have shown a great variation. No matter how enormous the changes have been, a good movie has always had a good plot, characters playing their roles and songs to entertain the audience. Directors are always navigating that fine balance of wanting the audience to feel something, but not wanting to tell them what that feeling is, and music is their holy grail. Songs are the main essence in a film. When it comes to songs, Kollywood industry is known for its situation songs in the movies. It keeps the audience enthralled throughout the movies. As the saying goes by, music conveys what actions cannot. Emotions can be brought more with music. They have been a major part of the movie. The situation is well brought by with a song.

Kollywood boasts about the wide range of songs from romantic, soup songs, gana and kuthu songs it has in its cart. From Ilaiyaraja, A R Rahman to Anirudh, movies have been brought to life by songs. Usually people tend to see the teasers and trailers in YouTube but now the video songs in a movie are also much watched. The trailers and teasers of a movie are watched only until the movie gets released. But video songs are watched even many days and years after the movie gets released. Even today, we listen to those songs which were released in 1980s and 1990s. Here is a list of video songs which have been blockbusters and has been viewed most number of times in YouTube.

5. Fy Fy Fy

This song is from movie Pandiyanadu directed by Suseenthiran starring Vishal and Lakshmi Menon. The song is composed by D Imman and sung by Remya Nambessan. It was at that time that Pizza in which Vijay Sethupathi and Ramya Nambessan had released which turned out to be a great hit. Many viewers were eager to listen to Ramya Nambessan’s voice after seeing her onscreen. Madhan Karky had penned the lyrics for the song. With more than 80lakh views, the song stands the fifth most viewed tamil video song in YouTube.

4. Mersalaayiten

This romantic song is from Shankar's I which has Vikram and Amy Jackson in the lead. The movie was a big hit and so were the songs from the movie. Mersalaayiten was written by Kabilan and sung by Anirudh Ravichander and Neeti Mohan. Shankar’s all movies have a folk song in it. It is very evident from Rantakka rantakka song from Anniyan, Ballailakka in Shivaji and now Mersalaayiten in I. Since Mersalaayiten has a typical local touch it was able to reach a whole mass of audience. The song has been viewed more than 86lakhs and stand at the fourth place.

3. Pistah

Neram a bilingual movie, directed by Alphonse Putharen starred Nazriya Nazim and Nivin Pauly in the lead. This song Pistah which comes in the climax was penned by Jagathy Sreekumar. Besides adding the additional lyrics the song was sung by Shabareesh Varma. The music was composed by Rajesh Murugesan. The video of the song was released on March 2013 and was a tribute to Jagathy Sreekumar who had met with an accident just an year agao before its release. The song has about 88lakh viewers and stands as the third most viewed tamil video song.

2. Ek Do Teen

This song from Anjaan stars Suriya and Samantha. The song was sung by Suriya himself and Andrea Jeremiah sang the female part of the song. Muthukumar had penned the lyrics for the song and the song was composed by Yuvanshankar Raja. The movie was directed by Linguswamy. Apart from Samantha’s sizzling steps in the movie, people viewed this song to listen Suriya sing. The song has more than 92Lakh viewers and is the second most viewed tamil song in YouTube.

1. Why This Kolaveri?

Why This Kolaveri song written and sung by Dhanush from the movie 3 which starring Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan in the lead. The music is composed by Anirudh Ravichandran. It was Anirudh’s first song that he officially composed. This song was his stepping stone to success. He was able to hit the jackpot in his debutant venture itself. The song was released in November 2011 and became the most searched video in Youtube in India. This video song stands in the first place with more than 144lakh viewers and is the only tamil video song to cross more than 10million views in Youtube.

Besides Anirudh’s mindblowing composition, Why This Kolaveri was able to reach almost the whole of Asia as the lyrics were in English. Slow melodies to fast numbers time has evolved man. Though people listen to soothing romantic songs that calm their nerves down, it’s very evident from this list that they choose to listen to those tracks that make their feet tap the floor. This list comprises of almost all the top music directors who came to lime light in last 2 decades like AR Rahman, Anirudh, Yuvan Shankar Raja and D Imman. Though the people who first laid the foundations in Kollywood Industry like M S Vishwanathan and Illaiyaraja’s works aren’t there in this list, which are even heard today. For then there existed no such web channels like Youtube where people had access to their works even years later.

YouTube views suggest the best songs in the whole cart but these views also create a lot of mayhem among viewers especially when trailers of Ajith and Vijay are released. Ajith fans and Vijay fans tend to start creating a big chaos over social media comparing these actors with the views they get for their trailers and teasers. Though views may be a good thing to judge the likings of the people but the same thing also creates some problems.

*Note :The facts were noted on 4/07/2015. There are high chances for the number of views to increase as time passes by.

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