Sagalakalavallavan Appatakkar music review

Sagalakalavallavan Appatakkar music review

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Jayam Ravi’s previous outing ‘Romeo Juliet’ had some commendably enjoyable songs and now his current release ‘Sagalakalavallavan Appatakkar’ composed by Thaman has been faring well. Let’s check out the exact status of this album. The film is directed by Suraj and features Trisha and Anjali in female lead characters with Prabhu, Soori and Vivek in important characters.

Bulb Vaangiten Machan
Singers: Deva, Jayam Ravi and Vivek

The makers have been taking scrutinising efforts to promote this song and in fact, it holds a major attraction factor with Gaana King Deva along with Jayam Ravi and Vivek crooning it. The visuals and dance should bring some more attraction to this track.

Singers: Nivas and Sameera

The same old pattern of Thaman that doesn’t evoke our interest anywhere... The song is loud in places and it gradually eclipses the vocalisms of Nivas and Sameera. It looks like Thaman had composed this number casually.

Buji Ma Buji Ma
Singers: D Imman, MM. Manasi

Once again, the same old fashioned style of music from Thaman and it really leaves us wondered why he isn’t coming up with something fresh. Although, D Imman and Maansi have given out their best, it might have its realms when viewed on the screens.

Un style eh power
Singers: Deepak and Sharmila

Nothing impressive indeed! The song really doesn’t carry anything attractive and it deliberately fails the listeners with disappointments. Deepak and Sharmila somehow manage to deliver the best spell, but the musical quotients are terrible.

Hitu Song
Singers: STR, Remya Nambeesan, MM Manasi, MM Monissha

As we say in a competition, there would be consolation prizes and in all likelihood, this song alone has such instance with STR and Remya Nambeesan making it happens... The reason why all the songs composed by Thaman are in ‘Echoing through funnel’ is a million dollar question and somehow these singers embellish their proficiency.

As on whole, ‘Sagalakalavallavan Appatakkar’ is not an appealing album from Thaman and it’s yet another disappointment from this music director, who has been consistently producing music with the touch of Tollywood.

Verdict : Not pleasing!! Too average

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