Paayum Puli Movie Review

The Tiger Crouches but stops halfway to Pandiya Naadu

Reviews 4-Sep-2015 4:42 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Suseenthiran
Production : Vendhar Movies
Starring : Vishal, Kajal Aggarwal, Soori
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : Velraj
Editing : Anthony

An undercover agent is on the run to trap the most cunning criminal who has been the reason behind the mysterious murders of many leading businessmen. The script might sound to be quite a prototyped tale, but when it comes from an efficient filmmaker like Suseenthiran, no doubt, you would surely want to experience his wizardry in screenwriting with it. All his films have been carrying simple tales, but enriched with an immense narration.


Paayum Puli is about ACP Jayasheelan (Vishal) who is on undercover operation to bump off three of the most dangerous thugs, who have been mercilessly murdering leading businessmen for the sake of money. His mission gets tougher as Jayasheelan gets entangled into the web of unbelievable surprises that blows him out of water.


We are Suseenthiran fans for his narrative skills and what he has done with Paayum Puli is slightly mediocre. He is someone who slowly rises up the momentum towards intermission and post-interval sequences are always bound to great moments. Of course, Paayum Puli does have that clap worthy moments during second half, especially the way Vishal tries to capture the main culprit. But sooner, when the things are unravelled, the story slightly turns to stumble halfway. In fact, the major twist that comes through the point of intermission should have been slightly pushed to the second half, which could have made the script intact. But instantly breaking the suspense lets us easily predict what’s going to happen next.

The musical score by D Imman is okay with his background score doing well and couple of songs including ‘Silukku Marame’ sounding perfect. The songs on contrary fail to get a proper placement, but cinematography is brilliantly handled by Velraj.


Be it body language, mannerisms or cool nature – Vishal brings out the best in his style and manages to win our attention through his screen presence. During many sequences, he maintains the same attitude of heroism, which establishes his character in a great way. Kajal Aggarwal appears and disappears with no intentions in the film. Soori is just okay with his humorous sense. Samuthirakani sways up with a mind-boggling performance and he is sure to bag the best appreciations.

What works?

1. Presentation of few scenes
2. Background score by Imman
3. Cinematography by Velraj

What doesn’t work?

1. The narrative structure is little amateur
2. Screenplay turns more predictable

Paayum Puli holds a plot that could have been presented well with strong narration, but some amateur elements blended with sluggish moments by second half keep it on average league.

Verdict : The Tiger Crouches but stops halfway to Pandiya Naadu

Rating : 4/10

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