Kathakali Music Review

Kathakali Music Review

Music Reviews 26-Dec-2015 11:26 AM IST RM Comments

Following a decent debut with ‘Aambala’, Hip Hop Tamizha teams up with Vishal for the second time ‘Kathakali’, directed by Pasanga fame Pandiraj. Catherine Tresa plays teh female lead and this album has 4 tracks. Let us check out what the score is all about?

Singer: Hip Hop Tamizha

Hip Hop Tamizha always sounds the same with his rendition and after few times after incessant hearing, we tend to develop a desire why should he sing all the tracks and better hand it over to someone more unique in voice. His vocalism is so stereotypical. Nevertheless, the instrumental portion is good in parts.

Erangi Vandhu
Singers: Hip Hop Tamizha and Anthony Daasan

Something quite appreciable, where few parts are done with panache, but again the vocalism by Hip Hop Tamizha could have been replaced by someone else. Anthony Dasan does good with his portions and the rhythmic accompaniment is pretty passable.

Kathakali Theme

This one could get more enhanced with the visuals and create more magic on the scenes, especially intensify the screenplay with proper placement in situations. The mix of Chanda Melam and few traditional instrumentals of God’s own country signifying the theme of ‘Kathakali’ are really appreciable.

Kathakali Whistle

This one has some mysterious, inquisitive and surprise elements imposed through the whistling panache. Again, it could be a moment to elevate the heroism on the screens for Vishal.

On the whole, the two tracks featuring singers are just average and the couple of signature theme are worthy of appreciations, which goes well with the instrumental quotients.

Verdict : Just okay! Not as best as ‘Thani Oruvan’.

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