Thaara Thappattai Music Review

Thaara Thappattai Music Review

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1000 films and this is beyond anything that our imaginations. Moreover, Maestro Ilayaraja is definitely the emperor and analysing his musical albums is something really a tough and out of question job. Possibly, this is a dedication to the reigning master as ‘Thaara Thappattai’ becomes his 1000th album. The film is directed by Bala with Sasikumar and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar playing the lead roles.

Hero Intro Theme

The album opens with the instrumental theme, which is quite engaging and could better more with the visuals.

Vathana Vathana Vadivelan
Vocals: Kavitha Gopi, Priyadarshini

What else can you ask for? When Ilayaraja is out with a power packed orchestral team and the singers are at their best, it’s an incredulously astonishing experience and such is this song.

Vocals: Sathya Prakash, Surmukhi

Perhaps, everyone knows that it’s a song from the most celebrated ‘Thiru Vaasagam’ and the singers Sathya and Surmukhi add up the best rendition and the mild, sweet and dulcet instrumentals in the backdrops are yet another highlighting trait.

Singer: Sharath

It’s been a real surprise as you hear this song and Sharath just bumps up our excitements with an impeccable intonating skill. He has to be incredibly thankful to Maestro Ilayaraja for having picked him up for this track that could win limitless laurels for him.

Vocals: MM Manasi and Prasanna

Could you ever envisage that a brand like MM Manasi would be associated with the continent’s celebrated musician like Ilayaraja? This is indeed a surprise, where we find her in this track and of course, the reason behind the roping in is quite evident with what you hear. Prasanna is simply at his best. The instrumentals during the interludes are beautifully mesmerising.

Thaara Thappattai

Here comes a sensational treat for all the music lovers, who have been awaiting it. The theme song is sure to send the audiences in ultimate craziness while watching the movie in theatres.

Arrambam Aavudhu
Singers: Ilayaraja and Ananthu

What else do you need, when the legend himself is on the track? It’s a middling composition though; it brings more enhancements through the voices. Again, the visuals should bring forth some intensity to the track over the visuals. It’s almost like a ballad, which could get more intensity with the onscreen performance and visuals indeed.

Every time, when we hear a musical track from the maestro Ilayaraja, it’s an experience beyond usual norms and paradigms. So is his 1000th album – Thaara Thappattai. One thing is for sure! This isn’t a typical Bala film, where the bloodshed and tragedies are the heart and soul, but it is going to be a special entertainer.

Verdict : Intriguingly inspiring and engrossing

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