Miruthan Movie Review

Experiencing the ‘Video Game’ effect with some emotional realms.

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Direction : Shakti Soundar Rajan
Production : Global Infotainment
Starring : Jayam Ravi, Lakshmi Menon
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : S. Venkatesh
Editing : K. J. Venkat Ramanan

Zombies have a miraculous power in Indian screens. You could see them performing hilarious acts, of course with a deadly impact. The blood thirsty vampires and gory Zombies are often regarded as the fantasy emblems in genres. Sakthi Soundar Rajan has tried to bring it out in a much convincing manner in ‘Miruthan’ featuring Jayam Ravi and Lakshmi Menon in lead roles.


Ooty, a paradise with dews and sceneries becomes a terrible land, when a mysterious poisonous chemical is leaked. Later, consumed by a stray dog, it becomes a medium to spread the unidentified virus into human, where one could instantly bite each other turning them into Zombies. Karthik (Jayam Ravi), a traffic police officer is urged by situations to find a solution along with a beautiful doctor (Lakshmi Menon), with whom he is in hidden love as she is already engaged to someone. Now they have to journey down to Coimbatore Government Hospital, where an anti-biotic solution has to be sought out.


106 minutes – The running length becomes a prominent stuff in convincing you through the overdosed, overloaded gun shots and violence. The first hour keeps up the momentum, where the speculations are established in a much perfect style with filmmaker segregating the episodes neatly. The first 5 minutes blatantly tell us what the rest of 100 minutes is going to be following which, there are some mild moments involving establishment of characters that comes with a soft toned love story of Jayam Ravi. The humour elements involving RNR Manohar and Kaali Venkat have been significantly showed up, but some seem to be purposely thrust into the screenplay to reduce the stressed action sequences. What turns to be an exciting and disappointing element in the movie is that the interval element is so jam-packed with thrill element of what’s gonna happen next. But eventually, the post-intermission sequence fails to impress us thoroughly. Overdose of action and blood with gun shots during the second hour might not impress everyone though. The climax is justified to avoid the stereotypical end and the open ending to Miruthan 2 is groovy indeed. The dialogues could have been much better though. The musical score by D Imman is perfect in places, especially the melodious orchestral, but the jarring sound could have been avoided. Editing and cinematography are perfectly done. Emotional quotients among the characters have been very well showed, especially the sequence, where Jayam Ravi has to check the Zombie bite over his close friend Kaali Venkat and later with Baby Anikha.


Jayam Ravi has matured a lot with his performance and his body language and mannerisms with emoting skills. The transformational evidence is so evidently present in every frame. Lakshmi Menon is doesn’t get a proper delineation and she is seen all the time in doubtful mode. Amit of Vijay TV fame is apt for the role, but he could have opted a better debut. RNR Manohar is hilarious in places with witty lines, but after certain extent doesn’t impress. Kaali Venkat considerably does justice to his role. Baby Anikha is good with her portions. Amit doesn’t get much to score.

What works?

1. The genre itself is the biggest plus, which is new to Tamil cinema
2. Jayam Ravi
3. Technical details, especially Zombies effect

What doesn’t work?

1. Second half looks dragging though shorter in duration
2. Overdose of gunshots and gory violence
3. Jarring noise of Imman BGM in many places

Overall, Miruthan is definitely a daring attempt in Tamil cinema for new treatment. But if the action sequences were slightly reduced giving more prominence to engrossing drama, the movie would have been more intact.

Verdict : Experiencing the ‘Video Game’ effect with some emotional realms.

Rating : 4.5/10

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