Pugazh Movie Review

Lacks intensity and engagement

Reviews 18-Mar-2016 5:52 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Manimaran
Production : Film Department
Starring : Jai, Surabhi
Music : Vivek-Mervin
Cinematography : Velraj
Editing : G. B. Venkatesh

After the much celebrated ‘Raja Rani’, Jai didn’t have any big releases and Pugazh, a political thriller is the latest one, directed by Manimaran with Surabhi playing the female lead role.


Set in the backdrops of a small town, Jai is a freewheeling guy, who is the favourite of his neighbourhood for his ability to solve the petty issues among people. He enters into a serious conflict with the local politician (Marimuthu), when he promises to hand over the local playground to an Industrial group for construction. How the protagonist manages to save himself from the serious clutches plunged up by the politician and saves the playground from being devastated forms the crux of this story.


The basic premise of this film itself is outdated or perhaps a timeworn, which has been predominantly seen in many movies over the years. We have seen the protagonists suffer the outcomes of raising voice against the injustice and this one is no exception. Director Manimaran has followed the hackneyed pattern of storytelling as well, which makes it less amusing. The first half travels with the routine formulae of character establishments, confrontations between hero and heroine and by the time of intermission, we are urged to believe that second hour could get better, but again, the momentum remains so much threadbare and uninteresting. We are irked by the sequences and as you walk out of theatres, we’re perplexed, if there was any single trait that could make ‘Pugazh’ a convincing film, but it is scarcely found except the stunt sequences an few dialogues.


In spite of being offered the role of an angry young man, it remains to difficult for Jai to carry forward the role as the basic premise of this film itself is a mediocre. Surabhi is often known as a Barbie girl, but this film she looks so dull, but her performance is appreciable. After a long time, director Marimuthu gets a full length scope in this film and his performance is commendable. RJ Balaji disappoints us in tickling our funny bones. Karunaas gets a meaty role and is emotionally sketched.

What works?

Action sequences and dialogues

What doesn’t work?

Almost all the important aspects of this film is missing

With the phase filled with audiences expecting new fangled movies, director Manimaran has failed to offer the best course with his old styled film.

Verdict : Lacks intensity and engagement

Rating : 3/10

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