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A combination of unusual musical genres

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The most celebrated combination of Karthik Subbaraj-Vijay Sethupathi-Santhosh Narayanan is back with a bang now. This time, it bring more and more exhilarations through its course with some spangled up cast like SJ Suryah, Bobby Simha, Anjali, Kamalinee Mukherjee and many more to add up. We bring you the exclusive music review of this film.

Onnu Rendu
Singer: SJ Suryah
Lyrics: Vivek

The unusual instruments like Harmonica set against the zones of ancient ages seems to be an inspiration for Santhosh Narayanan from Late MS Viswanathan. The music director’s unconventional choice of picking SJ Suryah has been turning to be the flash point of this song and it has a feel that could get well with visuals….

Kadhal Kappal
Singer: Santhosh Narayanan
Lyrics: Muthamil

The song banks its main course through strings and guitars. Well, there is a small suggestion to Santhosh Narayanan. Yes, we love your voice and composing, but please try to shift the paradigms of your vocalizing style. It happens to be the same as you do it every time. The lyrical lines by Muthamil is worthy of appreciations.

Solla Thudikuthu Manasu
Singer: RK Sundar
Lyrics: Muthamil

It looks like Santhosh Narayanan has been vividly inspired by the retro period musicals of Tamil cinema. While the first one was quite considerably the one we got from MSV, this one seems to be a replica of trenchant style from Maestro Ilayaraja. The bass work and chords are something that instantly turn reminiscence of Maestro’s composing.

Singers: Meenakshi, Dhee
Lyrics: Vivek

Enigma – This could have been the theme that Karthik Subbaraj wanted Santhosh Narayanan to compose upon this track. He vividly brings this feel through instrumentals and vocals as well. Moreover, the singers – Meenakshi and Dhee add up the exact feel that is required by the song.

Singer: Anthony Dasan
Lyrics: Mani Amudhavan

When it comes to pathos and lamentations, Santhosh Narayanan makes sure, he is best. Sometimes, he attracts and other times, quite annoying. This song stands between the dyad magnitudes with Anthony Dasan sounding too stereotypical with this rendition.

Singer: Brindha, Ananthu and Santhosh Narayanan
Lyrics: Vivek

This is the only showstopper of this album that you instantly get imbibed to. The song is only best pick from this album and is a tremendous one from Manidhi. Such an impactful lyrics by Vivek and the rendition sounds something more surpassing. In fact, Santhosh Narayanan comes out of his usual paradigm and extends his feat into something unique.

Overall, most of the songs in this album sound the same stereotypical style of Santhosh Narayanan and what brings us relief is the final song ‘Manidhi’, which has a strong impact on the listeners.

Verdcti : A combination of unusual musical genres

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