Joker Music Review

Joker Music Review

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From the most promising filmmaker Raju Murugan of ‘Cuckoo’ fame and producers of Dream Warrior Pictures, here comes ‘Joker’, a satire featuring Somu in lead role with Sean Roldan composing the tracks. We bring you an exclusive look upon the songs that possess unique traits.

Ennanga Sir Unga Sattam
Singers: Arandhai Bava and K Perumal

Just like the film’s theme is based upon, this track is completely encompassing the satirical take on the situational domination of manmade rules that facilitate comforts only to certain groups and others in pitiable situation. The song has been gaining the best impact with its single track release and the singers – Arandhai Bava and K Perumal adorn the song with more magnitude.

Singers: M Lalitha Sudha, Perumal and Sean Roldan

This is so much nostalgic of what AR Rahman would do during his earlier days in music industry. So much of nativity and more prominence to the vocalisms that is strongly backed by the chord works on strings. Who steals the show with more elegance is Lalitha Sudha. The Hindi lines by Sean Roldan are so much stirring and so are the portions involving Perumal.

Hallo Bol
Singers: Kalyani Nair, Sean Roldan

‘Halla Bol’ – The most significant anthem chanting of communists across the country and Sean Roldan has very well mixed it throughout the song with more panache. Kalyani Nair is so much fantabulous and her flow that connects every line without any discontinuities is so much worthy of appreciations. Sean Roldan is known for basing his compositions more on guitar chords. “Naalai Un Porattam, Vidhikku Vaa Thozha” is inspiringly compelling.

Singer: Sundarayaar

The instrumentals from the retro period and the composing with 80s style becomes very much interesting to hear it. The enjoyable song based on a man’s chase to win his girl’s heart. It will surely have its realms with visuals.

Ola Ola Kudisayila
Singer: Murugavel, Karthika Nair

Much alike the previous track, the instrumentals and composing style is so much of 80s that brings the reminiscence of Ilayaraja composing. But we need to really appreciate Sean Roldan for giving more importance to orchestral strings. The percussions over Tabla are quite simple and it enhances the song with the fill-ins with chimes and flute we hear it as a flow with vocalisms.

The title ‘Joker’ and its significance in accordance to what it emphasizes goes very well with the songs as well .Very rarely, the songs become an integral part of screenplays and after listening to all the songs in Joker, you tend to accept it. The choice of singers, very well scrupulously orchestrated instrumentals and balancing with sound works out best results.

Verdict : Strings, Singers and Lines conquer your senses instantly

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