Vijay Antony’s political thriller gets a big baddie

Producer-actor Thiyagarajan has been signed to play the baddie role Vijay Antony Next Movie Saithan

News 31-May-2016 11:49 AM IST RM Comments

Music director turned actor Vijay Antony has been relentlessly working on many projects and it’s obvious that he would have a series of 3-4 releases in a year. His previous outing ‘Picchaikaaran’ has turned to become a massive hit and the Telugu dubbed version is spinning huge profits in box office as well. Much more than anything, the remake rights in different regional languages has been selling like hot cakes. While Vijay Antony’s has almost completed shooting for his upcoming film ‘Saithan’, which had its scintillating first look poster creating a huge sensation has been working on his other project titled ‘Yeman’. Much alike his previous film, even this one carries a negative shade and the film is is reported to be an edge-seated political thriller with lots of twists and turns. Producer-actor Thiyagarajan has been signed to play the baddie role. “I play the role of a powerful politician, who keeps hatching thwarting plans against the others to be on top of game. Although, I have been getting more offers, it was Jeeva Shankar’s script and sketch of my role that impressed me a lot,” says Thiyagarajan.

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