Rajinikanth’s Kabali and a Supernatural thriller connect

Sources claim that Pa. Ranjith actually had couple of scripts to narrate Rajinikanth. One was ‘Kabali’ and other one was a supernatural thriller.

News 19-Jul-2016 6:02 PM IST RM Comments

With just couple of days left for the big bang release of ‘Kabali’, here is an interesting scoop we get to hear through the sources. It seems that when Pa. Ranjith approached Rajinikanth to narrate scripts, he had couple of finalized ones among which one was ‘Kabali’. The other film was actually based on the genre of ‘Supernatural thriller’, which was not accepted by Rajinikanth as he felt that the ‘Kabali’ script was really unique. Moreover, Ranjith all set to make his next with Suriya ha started working on the tale, which would be unparalleled and completely different even without the same trace of ‘Kabali’ and his erstwhile movies, probably an action drama.

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