Picchaikaaran remake goes to Sandalwood now

Vijay Antony’s sleeper hit ‘Picchaikaaran’ witnessing grand success in Tamil and its Telugu dubbed version will now get remade in Kannada.

News 21-Jul-2016 1:10 PM IST RM Comments

Music director turned actor Vijay Antony has been getting through the most successful phase in his career. Having managed to deliver back to back hits, his fourth outing ‘Picchaikaaran’ turned to be a splendid hit fulfilling every critic and audience. The film sooner got dubbed in Telugu, where the results were incredibly great and now the film is being remade in Kannada as well. The film’s Kannada remake rights have been acquired by Yogish Dwarkesh and will feature Krishna Ajay Rao in lead role while heroine and others in the cast are yet to be confirmed.

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