Namadhu – A film of our very own life reflections

The makers of trilingual film ‘Namadhu’ affirm that it will be a movie that every audience will deeply relate with.

News 4-Aug-2016 10:37 AM IST RM Comments

Mohanlal is known for picking up scripts and roles that would immensely have some depth and somewhere that audiences can relate with. His upcoming film ‘Namadhu’ titled as ‘Manamantha’ in Telugu and ‘Vismayam’ in Malayalam would be one such great illustration of it. The film is directed by Chandrashekar Yeleti featuring four stories based on anthology of how one life would have an impact on other life by end of the day. Speaking about the film, the sources add that the film will focus on four different stories that will be interwoven together.

Speaking about the film, Gauthami says, “When I was approached for the film, I was completely doubtful why the director had to approach me. He came up with a huge surprise saying that when he wrote the script, especially my characterization before two years, I was the one first one in his mind.”

She furthermore adds that the film although shot in three different languages will relate to all universal audiences for the theme is so powerful.

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