Wagah Movie Review

Not a complete emotional drama

Reviews 12-Aug-2016 1:39 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : G. N. R. Kumaravelan
Production : Vijay Bhargavi Films (M. Balavishwaanathan)
Starring : Vikram Prabhu, Ranya Rao
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : S. R. Sathish Kumar
Editing : Raja Mohammad

There are times, when the films based on two countries turn to be masterpieces, especially in Bollywood, where movies like ‘Veer Zaara’ and ‘Fanaa’, were completely amazing that we still relish to look upon many times and yet looking so fresh and poignant. National award winning GNR Kumaravelan has attempted a similar tale in ‘Wagah’ and let us see how engaging it is.


Not interested to be a part of his father’s provision store, Vikram Prabhu heads to Kashmir to join Border Security Force. The land that is known for heavenly locales yet sudden shocks and tragedies keeps everyone out there in deplorable scenario. Vikram Prabhu falls in love with Ranya Rai, a Pakistani girl staying there in Kashmir. When the situation forces the Pakistanis out there in Kashmir are forced to move back to their country, Ranya Rai has to leave and Vikram Prabhu takes a stealthy journey into the neighbouring country for her security and safety. During this juncture, he is held as captive by Pakistani army and is imprisoned. What could be his fate now or would he win his destiny or redemption and love of his life?


It’s quite a stark reality, where most of the youngsters sometimes reluctantly take up the army job and GNR Kumaravelan has very well projected this in a realistic way. But what turns fallible is the flimsy writing that doesn’t engage you in many parts. As the prologue stuns you with some impeccable sequences, you’re offered an assumption that it’s going to be more of an intense thriller, but sooner, we are exposed to dullard drama, where the stereotypical tale of romance between a boy and girl is narrated. On the pars, he has very well projected the gruesome truth behind the tortures that many Indian army men undergo if caught or trapped by the Pakistanis in their camp. But the biggest question is that why the film needs a title called ‘Wagah’. It is a world famous place, where both the Border Security Forces of the countries exchange their greetings, which is more appealing to the global eyes. But we don’t find anything as such in this movie.

The salient features of this film are spectacular visuals by cinematographer R. Satish Kumar that brings you heavenly Kashmir and the background score by D Imman. Couple of songs by this music director are worthy of appreciations, while the rest turn to be more conventional of his style.


Vikram Prabhu has been attempting to showcase something different in his roles and scripts with each movie. He has very well executed the mannerisms of Border Security Force men with body language and has made an enthralling act in stunts. Ranya Rai with the lookalike of Hansika Motwani manages to pull up our attention with good screen presence. Shaji Choudary as Pakistani army general stuns us with an impeccable performance. Others in the star-cast including Ajay Ratnam, Raj Kapoor, Sathya and Vidyulekha Raman have done their best in their portions.

What works?

1. The screen presence of Vikram Prabhu and Ranya Rao
2. Beautiful locations, cinematography and visuals
3. Action sequences

What doesn’t work?

1. No relevance between title and film, especially the screenplay
2. 3 songs that hamper the progression of script
3. Too tenuous dialogues

As mentioned earlier, the film doesn’t carry much prominence to the screenplay, characterizations and drama, where most of the portions remain non-engaging. Maybe, it could click well with the lovers of action based films.

Verdict : Not a complete emotional drama

Rating : 4/10

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