Chennai 2 Singapore team in shocking state

While the team is driving from Chennai to Singapore launching tracks in each country, the songs have been leaked online.

News 10-Sep-2016 4:20 PM IST RM Comments

The entire crew of ‘Chennai 2 Singapore’ started the journey on August 12 planning to launch the 6 tracks in the album at 6 different countries between Chennai and Singapore. The first track was launched at Chennai followed by Bhutan and third track in Myanmar. As they were driving towards Thailand for the fourth track titled ‘Texas Pogiren’, but unfortunately got stuck out there in between due to some issues over permit at boundary crossing. In spite of heavy mental pressure, the entire team has been maintaining the best mindsets. But unfortunately, they were so much broken to see the songs already leaked over Torrent sites.

Ghibran expressing his disappointments over this says, “Although we went through lots of mental and physical tribulations, we managed to revive our spirits, but this is really disappointing to see the tracks being already leaked. Although people have been sharing good reviews about the songs, we request them to stop downloading it from illegal sources.”

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