Why Siddarth is not happy with live tweets

Actor Siddarth in his recent statement has cited that what amateur bloggers do with live tweets is a threat to film industry.

News 12-Sep-2016 9:50 AM IST RM Comments

The actor has always been known as prideful and man of boisterous talks, but sometimes, when we sit back and rethink, Honesty with silence can exceed the usual decibels. The scenarios are same with the recent issue that he has picked up and something that is really bothering not just him, but the entire industry. This is about the amateur bloggers, who are consistently involved with the live tweets. “I don’t mean to say that reviewing or film criticisms are bad, but do it perfectly. It’s not a fair thing to keep tweeting live about the film. It should be done as whole. If you don’t like a film just point out the reasons, but insisting audiences not to watch it isn’t an ethical gesture,” says Siddarth.

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