Kamal Haasan has to wait 2 more months

In spite of health ameliorating, Kamal Haasan has been insisted by doctors to start back work from November.

News 12-Sep-2016 10:17 AM IST RM Comments

It’s a told story over million times and the actor finally happened to narrate on how the terrible accident happened. With the actor recently speaking about the script developments of his trilingual film ‘Sabash Naidu’, it is now revealed that the actor might start shooting the new schedule from November. The actor tweeted on his micro-blogging page saying, “Doctors say I am fit to work from Nov possibly. All that love does heal faster. Thanks folks. I'll return that love via Naidu/Kundu & more…” Meanwhile, he is simultaneously planning to release his long pending movie ‘Vishwaroopam 2’ either by end of this year or by Pongal 2017.

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