Maaveeran Kittu Movie Review

A very appealing theme that could have been better with a proper narration.

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Direction : Suseenthiran
Production : Nallu Samy Pictures
Starring : Vishnu, Sri Divya, R. Parthiepan
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : Soorya.A.R
Editing : Kasi Viswanathan

Director Suseenthiran and Vishnu Vishal together have churned out couple of movies – Vennila Kabadi Kulu and Jeeva. Their third outing titled ‘Maaveeran Kittu’ is based on the real life inspirations that happened in 80s in Tamil Nadu.


The film traverses through social issues across one of the Southern parts in Tamil Nadu set against the backdrops of 80s. Partheipan stands up raising his voice against the oppressions against his people, who are regarded as low caste. On the other end, there is Harish Uttaman, a police officer who believes his caste to be higher and doesn’t even allow even the funeral procession of the lower caste corpses to be taken through his locales. In accordance to this Parthiepan urges an innocent young man Vishnu Vishal to become district collector so as to redeem the people of his caste forms crux of the story, but things turns little bizarre with unexpected events.


Director Suseenthiran deserves special mention for picking an unusual theme of inspiration and projecting it as a movie. It is a reflection of crisis that is still prevalent in some of the villages and towns down the south even today and Suseenthiran brings them with clarity. But what turns out to be fallible is the feeble narration. The storytelling quotients go slightly below the average and you would probably make some clear predictions about the climax much before its arrival. The first half has a real stuff of keeping us so much engaged, but right from the first sequence of post-interval episodes, you’re being offered some slow moments. Especially couple of songs that happen over there is completely unwanted too. But we need to appreciate the background score of D Imman that builds up more impact upon the screenplay and situations.


Suseenthiran always makes sure that his protagonists look real life like pictorial presentation rather larger than life avatars. Vishnu Vishal looks so naturalistic with his characterization and he has tried travelling upon the limit. Sri Divya has dearth of scope, where she might be seen throughout the film, but without any prominence. Parthiepan is the ultimate showstopper, where he pushes his best potentials to the next level. Harish Uthaman as the baddie steals the show with his antagonistic approach and this is a real breakthrough in his career graph. Soori is ‘Pick the odd one out’ and the intentions of Susi to depict him in a serious role terribly go wrong.

What works?

1. Basic premise and theme of story
2. Background score
3. Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1. A dull screenplay
2. Songs

Usually when caste based films have its propelling ingredients of bloodshed and violence, Suseenthiran has tried appealing with a different dimension. But it could have been nicer if he had a strong screenplay to keeps us more involved.

Verdict : A very appealing theme that could have been better with a proper narration.

Rating : 4.5/10

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