Thiri gets a positive sign from CBFC

Thiri gets a positive sign from CBFC

News 9-Dec-2016 11:27 AM IST RM Comments

Ashwin Kakkamanu has been slowly gaining up his decent status out here in Tamil cinema with the choice of good movies. Be his role or choice of genres, especially with ‘Zero’, he took an exceptional stand on escalating his career graph. Now his upcoming film ‘Thiri’ has pulled up some efficient grasp and that’s ‘U’ certificate from CBFC. Quite a painstaking and scrupulous process to get a nod from Censor Board, which is more complex than getting a film made. The film is produced by A.K.Bala Murugan - R.P. Balagopi under the banner Seashore Gold Productions and co-produced by M. Vetrikkumaran, S.Anton Ranjith and S. John Peter.

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