Veera Sivaji Movie Review

Nothing new and less engaging

Reviews 17-Dec-2016 11:28 AM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction : Ganesh Vinayak
Production : Madras Enterprises
Starring : Vikram Prabhu, Shamili
Music : D. Imman
Cinematography : M. Sukumar
Editing : Ruben

Vikram Prabhu far-famed for many quickies and releases in short span of time is up with his new movie ‘Veera Sivaji’, directed by Ganesh Vinayak featuring ‘Anjali’ fame Shamlee in female lead with John Vijay, Robo Shankar and Yogi Babu in important characters.


Vikram Prabhu plays a cab driver, who has his only peace with his sister Vinodhini (Engeyum Eppodhum fame) and her daughter. There comes a situation, where his niece is diagnosed with ‘Brain Tumor’ and immediately a whopping sum 25Lacs is desperately needed to save her. He sells off his car for a sum of 5Lacs and then it comes a need for pending money and that’s when he comes across John Vijay, a money lender with conniving act of chiseling people with counterfeit notes and he goes into hiding. With just 10 days left to spin up huge money, Vikram Prabhu sets his foot on ground to trap the baddies and settle the scores, at the same time save his niece’s life.


It looks like filmmaker Ganesh Vinayak has been loosely inspired by conman movies like ‘Sathuranga Vettai’ and of course, the basic premise of this film is worthy appreciable. But the problem comes with fallible screenplay, where for the first 30 minutes you wonder what’s really happening on the screens and it is nowhere closer to the film’s main plot. Sooner, we are introduced to main theme, where it reaches the intermission at a much significant level. But post-intermission turns out to be a much disappointing show with the same first 30 minute formulae being recreated with unwanted love tracks, comedy and unlimited songs. The film doesn’t get you hooked up completely for it lacks engrossing moments. The film’s greatest highlights are cinematography by Sukumaran and background score by D Imman. These days Imman is giving bet focus upon the background score than songs and it would be nice to see him balance both.


When it comes to selection of scripts, Vikram Prabhu managed to offer a much better spell with his choice of scripts and characters, which was evident with first few movies, but lately he seems to have slipped into the stereotypical zones of not finding exceptional projects. It looks like Vikram Prabhu feels comfortable with the roles or sequences that demands silence from him. He is someone who would definitely score with ‘Talk Less, More Action’ scope, but when it comes to trying his hardest luck with commercial ingredients like cracking jokes, hilarious quotients and stalking girls, it’s somewhere not to his rituals. He has to either try improvising his spell out there or else refrain from taking up such characterizations… When it comes to Shamlee, she is a mere disappointment, where she fails to deliver a neat performance. This isn’t something she could gear up and a better debut would have been fine. We all still love her performance in debut film ‘Oye’ with Siddarth, which was a real perfect performance. John Vijay as usual does his best. Robo Shankar and Yogi Babu are hilarious in few portions.

What works?

1. 30 minute pre-intermission
2. Background score and Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1. Screenplay
2. Songs

Nothing new with the film’s story or even in screenplay, where the entire film vaguely travels with stereotypical commercial elements of songs, fun, romance, fight and sentiments.

Verdict : Nothing new and less engaging

Rating : 3.5/10

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