Ajith Kumar’s bike daredevil video turns viral

A day after a picture claiming stunt double for Ajith Kumar in AK 57, the makers unveil video of Ajith Kumar himself wheeling up.

News 19-Dec-2016 11:18 AM IST RM Comments

Last week, when Stunt Rider Jorian Ponomareff wrote something on his micro-blogging page that he has done stunt double for Ajith Kumar, it was a huge excitement for the fans. It was merely because many actors don’t indulge in revealing much about these secrets. But it was Ajith Kumar who clicked photo at the body double performing bike stunts. But then, there were some misinterpretations that Ajith Kumar would miss doing the stunts and the fans might be unprivileged. But to everyone’s surprise, it all becomes a substantial astonishment to see a video of Ajith Kumar performing bike wheeling, which has become viral over the Twitter and Facebook page. The stuntmen and the riders in Bulgaria were so much fascinated saying that it’s not easy for someone to do the wheeling on a snow laden slippery roads and he has made everyone in awestruck.

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