Parthiepan strikes KIN for Pongal

Parthiepan’s directorial Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga is scheduled for release on Pongal along with Vijay’s Bairavaa.

News 28-Dec-2016 10:04 AM IST RM Comments

Filmmaker-actor Parthiepan is far-famed for his innovative promotions and even the concept in his movies are always that off greater uniqueness. Now it is so much evident with the title ‘Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga’, which features Shanthanu Bhagyaraj and Parvathy Nair in lead roles. Parthiepan had followed creative tags for the advertisements like Releasing in between Dangal and Pongal. Now we get to see that a new promotional tag has been getting up towards the attention “Pongalukku Vijayam Seigirom”. Well, this has a deep link with Vijay’s Bairavaa, which is hitting screens.

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