Celebrate New Year with ‘MEOW’

The makers of ‘Meow’ mention that it is the first ever Indian film to feature a Cat in lead role.

News 28-Dec-2016 10:42 AM IST RM Comments

Very rarely films catering to the tastes of children are being made in Tamil film industry and the makers of Meow are sure that family audiences, especially kids will love this film. The movie which is scheduled for release on December 30 will be featuring a Cat in lead role, which is created using brilliant CG works. The film is produced by Vincent Adaikalaraj under the banner of Global Woods Media and is directed by Ad filmmaker Chinaas Palanisamy with an ensemble star-cast of Raja, Sun Music fame Sanjay Micky, Hayden, Kumar, Urmila Gayathri, Shiny, Daniel, Saigopi, Telephone Raj, Anand Raga, Stanley, Maina Balu and Child Artist Yuvina in important roles. Producer Adaikalaraj has affirmed that the film will definitely engross everyone and would surely give the best experience to all.

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