Taramani Teaser Review

Taramani Teaser Review

Features 30-Dec-2016 1:22 PM IST RM Comments

Right from the first look and the audio book like video recording, director Ram has been keen on projecting the land of ‘Taramani’ as a disputable arena of modernization Vs Cultural phenomena. Well, in Kattradhu Tamizh, he passed most of his infuriation over the city chaps and life, where the ones with Tamil literature graduation are good yet cursed people, whereas the ones with English knowledge and IT jobs are filthy people with happy life. It all looks the same out here, where we get to see that there are some instances of the presentation, where we see the close ups of girls in tight outfits partying and boozing. Though this sort of visuals might be getting whistles and applauses that make fun of this group of professionals, but then it might land up on controversial grounds too. What if an IT guy asks the filmmaker, “Was Tamil Nadu clean and safe with pure family life and happy love marriages without any illegal and extra-marital affairs? Didn’t high profiled ladies of the ancient ages didn’t booze at all? Weren’t there concubines, courtesans, etc?”

But again, this is going to be a tiff of debate between the filmmaker and debaters. Fine, but then it’s a teaser review and all that we can say is that it holds a serious complex scenario in relationships. Although, we get to see few girls are depicted as uncultured ones, the last shot involving Andrea Jeremiah’s middle finger in response to the protagonist’s call for ‘Sleeping’ gives yet another perspective that there are few exceptions that might cross our lives.

Technically, it’s perfect with Yuvan Shankar Raja offering the best pumping music.

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