Top 10 Disappointing movies of 2016

Top 10 Disappointing movies of 2016

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There are lots of things that audiences go through before they actually walk into the theatres. A film is announcement, few more promises are made by the team and on pars, audiences themselves assume up their own predictions based on their previous ventures and track records. But then, if the film doesn’t exceed their expectations or just live up to the anticipations, it gradually would lead up to the Disappointments consequently impacting the box office collections too. Hereby, we bring you 10 such instances that have disappointed the audiences in 2016.

1. Thaara Thappattai

When the brands like Bala, Sasikumar and Ilayaraja were collaborating and the close sources revealing that it would be a perfect successor to evergreen hit movie ‘Karagaattakaaran’, it was all a huge disappointment by the end. The film was more dominated with the pathos, bloodshed and gruesome murders. Of course, Bala movies always comprise of raw and rustic violence, but with some powerful stories, but here the former ones dominated, where the story looked flimsy.

2. Pokkiri Raja

The makers affirmed that it would be a comedy caper laced with some fantasy elements. Moreover, with the handsome actors like Jiiva and Sibiraj sharing the screen space with gorgeous Hansika Motwani and D Imman composing music, there was nothing as such expected in this movie. It turned out to be a very below average fare, where audiences to wait for comedy sequences to quench themselves, but found them in very less portions.

3. Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum

Vijay Sethupathi was considered as the ‘Safe Bet’ with his random success during last year and then his ‘Sethupathi’ was even a decent hit following which this movie was released. Additionally, it marked the debut of ‘Premam’ fame Madonna Sebastian into the Tamil film industry with ‘Soodhu Kavvum’ fame Nalan Kumarasamy getting for collaboration. The film was slow paced drama and had poignant love tale, but it couldn’t meet up to the expectations.

4. Iraivi

While miniscule group of audiences and film critics praised the film, it couldn’t connect with major bunch of audiences. The reason was the bold theme and pragmatic approach, but whatever we might say, when we could hear the names like Vijay Sethupathi and SJ Suryah coming together, the icons of casual hilarious and emotional acts, they didn’t have much to enthrall the audiences there. This became the major disappointment to everyone out there in the theatres.

5. Enakku Innoru Per Irukku

Following the grand success of his movies like ‘Darling’ and ‘Trisha illana Nayantara’, there were decent expectations for the film ‘Enakku Innoru Per Irukku’, but everything turned out to be a major disappointment as the movie didn’t gain our impression anywhere. Except the few comedy portions in the first half, rest was a stark disappointment.

6. Thirunaal

How about the most successful combination of Jiiva and Nayantara coming together after the grand success of ‘Ee’? While everyone thought there could be some significance in this film too, it was a very big letdown, where there wasn’t a proper story or an engrossing narration. The film’s result was too disappointing that audiences got annoyed and restless before the show was over.

7. Thodari

There is something peculiar about the film’s expectations. One was that audiences are usually bounded to make comparisons with bigger benchmark films of this same genre as soon as the announcement is made. They brought forth in movies like ‘Unstoppable’. And then, it was a rare combination of brands like Dhanush, Prabhu Solomon and D Imman along with Keerthy Suresh that comprises of some interesting star-cast too. But then, it didn’t live up to the major expectations, merely because of poor narration and fallible CG works, which was supposed to be main deciding element.

8. Kadavul Irukkaan Kumaru

The second time disappointment from GV Prakash for this year! When you say director Rajesh, you could obviously relate him with the movies like SMS, Boss Engira Baskaran and Oru Kal Oru Kannadi, but disappointingly, it failed to impress us. The basic problem was the fallible story, where it lacked everything and didn’t have a single point to keep us hooked up, except for the performance of RJ Balaji and Prakash Raj.

9. Bale Vellaiya Theva

Sasikumar avidly promoted the film saying that it is going to be a full length comedy caper and this would be the first ever genre of this kind for him. But what we got on the screens was literally a flip side. There wasn’t much to tickle up our funny bones in any portions. Only convincing things were cinematography and music.

10. Kaththi Sandai

This was one of the most expected films for this season and it was majorly because of comeback by Vadivelu. But what we go through the second half with his arrival was completely a big-very big disappointment as it didn’t have so much of worthiness. In fact, the comedy tracks by Soori was far more better than Vadivelu.

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