Top10 Profitable Tamil movies of 2016

Top10 Profitable Tamil movies of 2016

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There are lots of happening things that we got to see in the year 2016. Most of the expected films produced at a bigger budget had some profit for the producers, but the distributors and exhibitors failed to go through their profit zone. On the other end, there had been movies produced at a lower budget, but then all the departments of the business circle were happy wiiith the results.

Rajini Murugan

The film on its way to release went through various hurdles and hardships making even the producers unhappy. But when the movie was released in spite of having some financial issues, it all made through a decent phase of best collections in box office.

Irudhi Suttru

This was a comeback for actor Madhavan and yet the promotions were made so vigorously that it could make up for some best show in the box office. The film is directed by Sudha starring Madhavan in lead role and it marked the debut of Ritika Singh in other lead role.


This can be regarded as one of the most prominent strokes in box office. Not alone in Tamil, but it made an unbelievable collection out there. The film was directed by Sasi, who made the film based on real life incident. Vijay Antony’s best every film that escalated his career graph.


Obviously, this was one of the biggest grosser for this year, where it all managed to have houseful shows. The film had every element to attract the family audiences that was packaged well with romance, sentiments, action, comedy and many more that every Vijay fan would look out for.

Velainu Vandhnutta Vellaikaaran

So much of low expectations and it was made as a film of minimum guarantee, but swept off with huge collections giving best profit for both distributors and exhibitors. Director Ezhil’s erstwhile movies had given a deep hope among the traders that it would definitely make a good show and their expectations didn’t go wrong.

Dhillukku Dhuddu

Santhanam’s outing in lead role had kept up good vibrations in trade circles. The witty lines that we saw in promotions paved way for more excitements and expectations. Although. the film didn’t meet the expectations of film critics, it casually made through a decent phase in box office.


This has something in exceptional to analyse upon. This film was something that came up with low expectations. It won the hearts of audiences, film critics and made a good spell in box office collections too giving best share for distributors and exhibitors too.

Iru Mugan

The sizzling chemistry between Vikram and Nayantara, the negative antagonistic avatar of Chiyaan Vikram made it all more appealing towards the film’s release. Apparently, the film was a decorous hit not alone in Tamil Nadu and ROI, but managed to make through a splendid collection figure in overseas too.


This was one of the biggest share and profit for most of the theatre owners, distributors as it all came up with the best ratio of film’s budget to the profit collected and share distributed.

Chennai 600028 II

This got released lately in year and what made it special was that it was produced at a lower budget and managed to get some commendable distribution of profit among the distributors and exhibitors.

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