Sivalinga Teaser Review

Sivalinga Teaser Review

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When it comes to Raghava Lawrence, what keeps him more and more attractive or appealed up towards the masses aren’t his heroic mass Masala movies. But he has almost become the closest synonym to ‘Horror-Comedy’. Or else, how could be consistently strike the gold with back to back trilogy of horror – Muni, Kanchana and Kanchana 2. Although, Raghava Lawrence is a part of several commercial movies, it is obvious that every audience expect a supernatural treat laced with commercial elements.

The 77 seconds of Sivalinga teaser offers a clear glimpse that it’s nowhere an exception from his usual paradigms. Moreover, when a filmmaker like P. Vasu is getting onboard for this genre, it is going to be a sure-footed hit. It is because the original version in Kannada with the same title happens to be only film that gained success for Shivarajkumar in the past 5 years.

There is something special about this Tamil version. Even if you’ve seen the original version movie and know the complete plot, then you comeback to watch the Tamil remake teaser, you’ll definitely feel something new. This is completely because of the star-cast that involves Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh, Vadivelu, VTV Ganesh, Sakthi and many more in the list.

In fact, there is a clear tag of hint you get to see through the beginning portion of teaser that gives a blurred view about what this film is all about. Definitely, the combination of P Vasu and Vadivelu after ‘Chandramukhi’ can be expected off from the same genre too.

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