Idukkan to speak about mystery on Srilankan refugees

The new short film produced by Bench Flix will throw lights upon the mysterious disappearance of Srilankan refugees in the camp.

News 10-Jan-2017 11:04 AM IST RM Comments

Over the span of few years, Bench Flix has been constantly promoting and marketing new talents through the short films. It has evidently endowed best platforms for more talents and here comes one more from the league. The film ‘Idukkan’ is the latest short film from this banner that is conceptualized and written by Vetrivel Chandrasekar. The 15-minute short feature will focus upon the problems faced by Srilankan Tamil refugees in the camp, who get disappeared for no reason and it has remained to be a mystery. This film will bring out the real fact behind their disappearance during the illegal immigration across the sea.

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