Suriya’s voice for Jallikattu supporters

Actor Suriya has extended his support towards the earnest hard work and unceasing protest of supporters against banning Jallikattu.

News 17-Jan-2017 2:58 PM IST RM Comments

In relevance to the ban on Jallikattu game imposed by Supreme Court, many villages and towns hosted it on the occasion of Pongal marking it as a heart and soul of culture. Many have been arrested for this very gesture and are yet to be released. Many from the film fraternity including T Rajendran, Producer RK Suresh, GV Prakash, Mayilsamy, Arya, director Ameer, Va. Gauthaman and many more from the industry have been assembling at Marina Beach and many other places to extend and raise their voice. During this juncture, actor Suriya has expressed his heartiest support to the entire group involved in this process and joins them in unity.

So far, the words like ‘Culture’, ‘Emblems’ and ‘History’ were often referred and used by historians, artists and literature persons. But now, it has become a very well versed synonym with youngsters, lay men and women and students too. In fact, the ban on ‘Jallikattu’ and the protest undertaken by them have made them so much aware about our culture and history. I am really proud and appreciate the ones responsible for bringing together the youngsters for this reason.

Jallikattu has been banned with alleged reports that it’s causing means of deep injury and pathos to the bulls. But it’s a myth created by PETA that is ruining the tradition and culture of Tamil, where it is being practiced for more than 100 years.

Law and Order are created for the well being and betterment of peoples’ lives, but it shouldn’t be a means of hurting our sentiments and peaceful life. This means of protest hosted by hundreds of youngsters is a big revolutionary process and I extend my complete support to them respecting their feelings and sense of respect towards the culture.

I am sure, the relentless voice of people in Tamil Nadu would definitely pave way for the smooth and proper Jallikattu game. But our voice and protest for this shouldn’t end with this all claiming it to be success. We must ensure proper cooperation and unity in fighting against any odd things that come as threatening to our Tamil culture.

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