Vijay’s strong speech on Jallikattu

Actor Vijay has raised his voice in support of youngsters’ union and against the PETA for creating havoc on Jallikattu.

News 18-Jan-2017 10:06 AM IST RM Comments

With the entire Tamil Nadu raising its voice on Jallikattu issue, the Tamil film industry has come together in giving its support too. While many actors have been constantly showing their gesture of support through their direct presence and speech, actor Vijay came up to the occasion and his speech through video is turning to be more viral. In the speech, he claimed saying, “Rules and norms were created by Government to protect the people’s culture and rights, but not to hinder them. Jallikattu happens to be the identity. I am really proud about the youngsters who have come here to raise their voice against this issue. I will happy if the arrested youngsters are released and PETA is barged out from this place.”

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