“Film actors must not steal the show from youngsters” – Kamal Haasan

With many actors participating in the protest against Jallikattu, Kamal Haasan says that actors for better shouldn’t steal the show from them.

News 19-Jan-2017 12:53 PM IST RM Comments

With the ongoing protest against Jallikattu getting bigger, vigorous and rigorous, the youngsters have grabbed everyone’s attention. With many film celebrities extending their support through letters and some with their presence, Kamal Haasan has extended his voice in a much appropriate manner. He has told media channels, “There were times, when politicians used to make use of youngsters in wrong manner by instigating them for unwanted protests and upheavals. But today, the same youngsters have made the politicians take a run. So far, we have seen youngsters projected as someone involved in the fun, frolic, parties and unwanted strikes, but today, they have made us all proud and happy. No wonder! There could be some rulers, politicians of future among them. We shouldn’t stop them. Moreover, as an actor, there is a rule that one shouldn’t steal the show from other actors in their scenes. Similarly, the youngsters are heroes there and we actors by going to their venues shouldn’t become comedians. This is what I believe and they are our voice, who are representing our calls.”

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