Vishal clarifies on PETA issue

Actor Vishal in his recent voice message has confirmed that he is not a member of PETA in any dimension.

News 19-Jan-2017 1:25 PM IST RM Comments

Actor Vishal, the General Secretary of Nadigar Sangam was recently cornered for being a part of PETA that has now hampered the proceeding of Jallikattu out here in Tamil Nadu. To make a better clarification refuting them to be rumours, actor Vishal in his voice message has affirmed that in no way, he is associated with PETA. “I am really wondering on who is cooking up such unwanted stories. If they are still keen that I am a part of PETA, please go ahead and prove it,” says Vishal. It is worth mentioning that Vishal had participated in one of the events hosted by animal welfare association that was to fight against the stray dogs being killed mercilessly in Kerala. This could have left more ways to come up with such assumptions.

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