Vishal clarifies on fake post by miscreants

Actor Vishal was forced by situations to come back on social media to clarify his stand against miscreant posting a fake message on his name.

News 24-Jan-2017 1:46 PM IST RM Comments

Actor Vishal had quit social media platforms before a week back in time, when the allegations and verbal abuses against him. But again, he seems to have been pulled into the issue by some miscreants posting Facebook status upon police attack on Jallikattu protest yesterday. A post featuring his image followed by text read, “Since students have attacked cops, necessary action must be taken.” This had paved intense tension and backlashes through the verbal comments on social media platforms. Immediately, Vishal on the official FB page of Vishal Film Factory has confirmed that there is no truth in it. He ardently requests such miscreants not to misuse this sensitive issue.

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