Raees Movie Review

A plot that fails to get a substantial narration and stuck in confusions between unconventional and entertainment factors.

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Every time Shahrukh Khan comes up with a film, there is a plethora of expectations that ardently sticks towards how much entertainment that one anticipates here. Deliberately, it’s a close to heart that any audiences would look up for except for some of his unconventional movies that happened during the interim. On the face of it, Raees happens to be a mixture of both mass masala and some unconventional drama, where SRK himself is stuck and unable to grasp into either criterion.

Rahul Dholakia has seemingly picked up the characterization inspired from the real life mafia, who once stunned the nations with his bootlegging in Gujarat later turning into a politician as well. But then, it’s not a Ram Gopal Varma touch, where he would almost try to stick with a superb mix of fictional and realistic shades. Over here, we see SRK always engaged in some close up shots uttering punch dialogues, which are repeated over the times. Then, we find him with cute romance, which isn’t completely perfect. Mahira Khan isn’t really a good choice to the film, where she appears a supporting actor, but not completely as a female lead. But it’s Nawazuddin Siddiqui who steals the show abruptly from Shahrukh Khan throughout the show. His kind of dialogue deliveries and most spectacular mannerisms keeps us look up more for him. In fact, there are moments, where we want to see him more on the screens than Shahrukh Khan.

There are few moments where fans can take pride of seeing their romantic hero in a mass avatar – Walking in slow motions, thrusting bullets into enemies’ pockets with blood scatters. But even then, SRK doesn’t stay into that zone for a very long time. Others in the cast Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub have done a decent job. But then, Atul Kulkarni is completely wasted, where the moments of bond and cold vibes haven’t been shown up properly.

The film is about a young boy who grows into a bootlegger in Gujarat expanding his realms. He is a modern times Robinhood doing good for the needy people through the wrong ways. Then, on the other end, we find a cop, who by all means wants him bumped off.

When we look into deep analysis, it’s the last 25 minutes of the film that actually carries the intense plot, where all characters get its due. Or else for the rest of the portions, it’s a dull moment for general film buff, whereas SRK fans keep freaking out with whistles and claps every time he walks in slow motion.

Overall, Raees isn’t really a worthy of topmost appreciations when it comes to narration. Despites carrying a strong theme, where it could lay upon us a deep impact, it fails to make it, but for SRK fans, they are sure to be filled with his charms.

Verdict : A plot that fails to get a substantial narration and stuck in confusions between unconventional and entertainment factors.

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