Adhey Kangal Movie Review

A predictable story with some interesting moments.

Reviews 26-Jan-2017 2:23 PM IST RM Comments

Direction : Rohin Venkatesan
Production : CV Kumar
Starring : Kalaiyarasan, Janani Iyer, Sshivada
Music : Ghibran
Cinematography : Ravivarman Neelamegam
Editing : Leo John Paul

A suspense thriller directed by debut filmmaker Rohin Venkatesan stars Kalaiyarasan, Janani Iyer and Sshivada Nair in lead roles. Ghibran has composed music for this film, produced by CV Kumar of Thirukumaran Entertainment.


Kalaiyarasan plays as a visually impaired youngster, who has gained fame for being an excellent chef. Janani Iyer is a journalist who has been a friend with him for more years and has written special articles about him too. On an unexpected turn, Sshivada Nair comes into picture and befriends Kalaiyarasan mutually getting attracted to each other. Things take a turn when Kalaiyarasan gets hits by an accident and miraculously gains his vision back, but Sshivada is missing and things get complicated furthermore.


Too predictable screenplay, where one can guess who’s who and what’ their role? Moreover with the audiences not too far away from memories of ‘Thegidi’, we get to see a similar treatment in many places. By the first few minutes, where the actual conflict begins, one can really sense what the drama all about is, but the narration gets too sluggish and non-gripping in between. One good thing about the film is that most of the songs carry montage visuals, which doesn’t hamper the screenplay. The last 30 minutes, where filmmaker Rohin Venkatesan tries to loosen the knots of mystery are appreciable, but as mentioned earlier, majority of the audiences would deliberately make a right guess and so we tend to lose out our interest. Ghibran completely disappoints with his musical score, where it remains nowhere closer to his erstwhile albums. Cinematography looks too ordinary, where the shot composing and camera angles look alike TV serials.


Kalaiyarasan is known for sticking to perfection irrespective of what role he plays and its prominence. Over here, his performance as a blind chef during the initial moments deserves good credits. But sooner, when he gains back his vision, the vitality of his role is lost and he is too casual and dull even in the sequences, where he has to perform intensely. When the situation is so much complicated and his search for truth in the backdrops of Kanyakumari begins, he remains too vague and directionless. Janani Iyer does her portions well, though her importance is not substantial. Sshivada Nair comes up with a commendable performance and she gradually seems to be cherry-picking unique roles that have been evident with Nedunchalai and Zero. In fact, she has worked a lot on her looks, where she is spotted with slim looks too. Bala Saravanan offers some hilarious moments in few places.

What works?
1. Kalaiyarasan and Sshivada Nair

2. Some twists

What doesn’t work?
1. Too predictable screenplay

2. Songs and Background score

With the title acquired from the evergreen ancient Tamil cinema that is still regarded one of the best suspense-thrillers of all times, this movie doesn’t justify the title’s significance. The plot faintly resembles ‘Thegidi’ in few places and the screenplay is predictable. Nevertheless, it is worth watching as a time-pass movie.

Verdict A predictable story with some interesting moments.

Rating: 4.5/10

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