PETA seeks apology to Suriya now

PETA has sought apology from Suriya through the letter for using derogatory statement on his support for Jallikattu.

News 30-Jan-2017 11:43 AM IST RM Comments

During the rigorous and intense protest made by youngsters against the Jallikattu issue, many personalities from the film fraternity came in support extending their opinions. In such context, when Suriya made his support for the youngsters, one of the PETA members made a defamatory statement upon the actor claiming that he is trying to take advantage of this situation to promote his upcoming film ‘Singam 3’. This had eventually affected the actor and his family members, who have been incessantly and wholeheartedly, involved in many social welfare activities. Apparently, Suriya through his legal advisor had sent a notice to the concerned PETA members to seek apology for their derogatory speech. In accordance, Poorva Joshi of PETA has sought apology through an official letter and this has put an end to this controversial issue.

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