"After Rajinikanth, it's Suriya alone" - K E Gnanavel Raja

Producer K.E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green Films has affirmed this statement during the promotional event of Singam 3.

News 30-Jan-2017 11:51 AM IST RM Comments

The screens are getting ready for the big bang entry of ‘Singam 3’. It is noteworthy that both the previous installments of ‘Singam’ franchise have taken Tamil Cinema to a bigger level of spotlights. Every superstar in the neighbouring regional industries and even Bollywood have envied upon Suriya’s tremendous performance in the film as ‘Durai Singam’ and they are keen on remaking every installment too. Now the third installment gearing up for release on February 9 has made it all over the top of game.

Speaking on the occasion of movie promotions, producer K.E. Gnanavel Raja of Studio Green Films has said, “I don’t know if Suriya sir will forgive me for this, but I have to reveal some truth here. There are a lot of myths about No. 1 and No. 2 position among actor’s league out here. But to be frank Suriya sir is the absolute actor next to Rajinikanth to make such huge business not in Tamil Nadu alone, but across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala as well. These days, the ranks of actors are decided based on the salaries they get, which is a myth. To be precise, Singam 3 has already touched a 100-Cr mark of business even before completion of shooting.”

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