When Blind hero and heroines ruled the Tamil screens?

When Blind hero and heroines ruled the Tamil screens?

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This topic remains so close to everyone’s hearts for the moments. Last week releases that includes even Bollywood flick Kaabil and our very own Tamil movie ‘Adhey Kangal’ deals with lead actors, who are visually impaired, but manage to find an impact way to get it back or at least their desires are achieved. In this feature exclusive, we bring you some of the best 5 cherry-picks of this paradigm, which is still regarded as the best in Tamil cinema.

Thullaadha Manamum Thullum (January 29, 1999)

This is regarded as the evergreen sweet feel-good love story. Any time or every time you watch it, the movies gives in an immense experience of heart-touching moments that tells a poignant tale of a man returning back from prison to meet his people out there, especially his ladylove, who had lost her sight. The whole story embraces an emotional package of love, friendship and sentiments. Simran plays a visually challenged girl, who loses it due to an accident that she mistakenly blames Vijay, who is innocent and he brings back her heavens too.

Sabhash (September 1, 2000)

This is an out and out edge-seated thriller that features Parthiepan in lead role as a visually challenged person. By the last few minutes of this film, it is revealed that he wasn’t actually blind for whole, but was staging a play to seek revenge on his close friend, who in turn was responsible for his wife’s gruesome death. By the end, the twist that comes through the screenplay was yet more spellbinding, intellectual and emotional too.

Kasi (November 14, 2001)

This is an incredible masterpiece that we ever got from the iconic emblem of Tamil cinema – Chiyaan Vikram. This was a complicated challenge to this National Award winner and he accomplished with it to a greater degree. A melodrama by genre, it’s a film about a blind musician, who is the only breadwinner of his family and then life doesn’t get anywhere blessed for him.

Thaandavam (September 28, 2012)

In contrast to what we saw him as a deplorable man out there in Kasi, he turns into an epical hero through ‘Thaandavam’. His characterization is so much boxed up with different shades of mysteries. He just makes a vigorous performance in this revenge seeking thriller, which showcased his yet another colossal performance.

Cuckoo (March 21, 2014)

From the critically acclaimed journalist-turned-writer Raju Murugan, this was a poet love story that didn’t give a stereotypical impression, but took a naturalistic approach to storytelling. A stupendous performance by Attakathi Dinesh and Malavika Nair as visually impaired couple, who fall in love and go through starkness of issues only to get united by the end.

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